Knives Sold : EDC-1AL Automatic

EDC-1 slipjoint

Frontier Fixed Blades (With John Cohea)

Knife Embellishments (With Allen Elishewitz)

Liner Lock Design (With Allen Elishewitz)

Tactical Fixed Blades (With Allen Elishewitz)

Basic Tactical Folders (With Allen Elishewitz)

Advanced Tactical Folders (With Allen Elishewitz)

Basic pouch sheaths (With paul long)

advanced blade sheaths (With paul long)

Leather Tips from a Master (With Paul Long)

Advanced Rawhide Sheath Construction (With John Cohea)

Basic Rawhide Sheath Construction (With John Cohea)

How to build a slipjoint (With Chris Crawford)

How to build a scale release automatic (With Chris Crawford)

Forging Mosaic Damascus (With Chad Nichols)

Forging Mokume (With Chad Nichols)