Video Tutorials

Grinding Jig for Small Blades

In this video I show how I made my jig for grinding small folder blades.

Straightening Small Folder Blades

This is how I straighten small folder blades when needed. NOTE: The steel that I'm working with is O1 tool steel.

Straightening Liners

In this video I demonstrate how to straighten folder liners.

Making Stainless Washers for Folding Knives

This is an updated tutorial on how I make .005" stainless steel washers for my small folders.

Dual Action Auto Demo

This is my EDC-DA0 prototype that I've finished.

Scale Release Auto Demo

This is a demonstration of how to work a scale release auto.

Buck 110 Conversion

In this short video I explain my attempt to convert a Buck 110 to an automatic.

Auto Mechanics

This is a fit-up of the mechanics for a lever action auto.